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1 Year of Revolancer, in Review

Revolancer’s First Year in Review

Revolancer’s First Year in Review By Karl Swanepoel (CEO & Founder)   Exactly one year ago today, Revolancer was incorporated. Over the past year, we moved quickly from idea to reality. In this article, I cover our key milestones of 2021, split into quarters. I’d like to express enormous gratitude to our incredible team, advisory…

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Revolancer Rebrand - Magazine Cover

Revolancer Rebrand

Revolancer Rebrand We take you behind the scenes of our visual transformation A New Year New year, new look, same lofty ambitions. With the aim of making 2022 our most successful year to date, we entered January with every intention of capitalising on the momentum we built in 2021.  With the foundations in place, a…

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Dear Facebook, we have a problem. Open letter.

Open Letter to Facebook

Dear Facebook,   As a startup business in the technology sector, our outlook towards you should be one of admiration. You should be a source of inspiration and a shining example of how to create a pathway to success in our industry. Right now, however, our perspective is bleak; mired by frustration, bewilderment, and ultimately…

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Global Entrepreneurship Week Celebration

Global Entrepreneurship Week Celebration For all those that ‘go against the grain’… The world is full of ambitious people. People who care about others, who want to change the status quo, and who want to find new ways of doing the right thing. Global Entrepreneurship Week celebrates all of them, regardless of the industry they’ve…

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