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My name is Stephen King “the designer not the author” and I have been a designer since 2000 working for brands and businesses and in July 2021 I started my own design business TYPIC to offer better service and build partnerships with new and existing clients.


Tafe SA
Advance Diploma in Graphic Design and Advertising,
Activities and Societies: 1999 - Winner of the Poster Design for Fibromyalgia Awareness Campaign during 2nd year of studies.
1999 and 2000 - Part-time (night) work for Lewiston publishing designing 12 month calendars and annual tourist books for promoting local businesses.
Course was not completed. I gain employment 6 months before completing the 3rd and last year of studies.

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12501Logo Styleguide 12501Logo Styleguide
Logo Styleguide
fixed Rate £750.00
12530Photo Retouching 12530Photo Retouching
Photo Retouching
fixed Rate £15.00
12528Web banners and social graphics 12528Web banners and social graphics
Revolancer's Pick
Web banners and social graphics
fixed Rate £30.00
12526Logo Restoration 12526Logo Restoration
Logo Restoration
fixed Rate £30.00