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I'm a Master's student with my specialties being C, C++, Linux, and robotics.

I'm just starting out in the freelancing world, excited to explore what problems I can solve, needs to satify, and value to bring as a software engineer.

If there's a service you're looking for that isn't listed on my profile, but you think it's potentially something I could help you with, send me a message so we can explore a new opportunity together. I'm always happy to expand my horizons.



Aberystwyth University
Bachelor of Science (BSc),
Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
I studied a broad range of computer science and computer engineering subjects along with some specialised studies focused on robotics. Some examples being computer architecture, algorithmics, software engineering, embedded systems, robotic system design, and object-oriented programming.

During my software engineering studies I joined a team of other students to take on a project to simulate working in an organisation and use real world engineering processes in order to deliver a good quality product within a certain time frame. As project leader it was my responsibility to manage my team and support them as much as possible, this allowed me to step into an unfamiliar role and get hands-on experience with many different aspects of the team's activity. It was a great learning experience and fun to work with such a collaborative team, helping to deliver a product we were all proud of. It was certainly a big highlight in my journey towards getting the degree.

My major (dissertation) project involved developing a graphical desktop application for choreographing movements for an iCub Humanoid robot, which included working with the C++ language, the YARP robotic middleware, and the Qt GUI (graphical user interface) framework.
Aberystwyth University
Master of Science (MSc),
Computer Science,
(Course in progress)
I took this course for further study in advanced computing topics, from bleeding edge research to current technologies. I had learned so much during my Master's course and it was an opportunity to further develop my skills that I had gained during my BSc studies.

Currently I'm working on my Master's dissertation project. The project explores the use of autonomous navigation for robots, a domain which has been proven to be useful in many sectors and activities including agriculture, exploration, search and rescue, and more. As part of the project, a graphical desktop application was developed that allows users to plan, execute, and manage autonomous navigation missions using various kinds of ROS-compatible robots.

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