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Brent has multiple years of experience working as an entrepreneurial individual. He was awarded finalist of the UWE Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2020. Brent also appears in the Beauhurst article as one of the top 11 UK student founders in 2020. He co-founded Voltric in 2019, where he strives to create a change in car ownership and help people realise the potential of electric vehicles. Only scraping the surface of mobility as a solution (MaaS), Brent’s knowledge of the UK’s transport sector is only beginning and is underpinned by his passion to reduce our carbon footprint as a whole. Brent’s experience is primarily as operational director for Voltric, working with companies such as Renault, Kia, BMW, MG and Tesla. Focusing on Voltric's customer onboarding processes and stock management of electric vehicles over the past two years, welcoming a vast number of individuals from the automotive sector into his network.

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