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I've been a professional Web developer since 2008. And throughout those years, I've gained enough experience and knowledge in the field. I am a programmer/developer that mainly handles web projects consisting of development within Wordpress, Shopify, and custom PHP applications. I am very well versed with Wordpress, WooCommerce and its ecosystem. As for most of my freelance work involves this. Part of my work has consisted of SEO related tasks, in particular with onsite SEO implementations. Integration of Facebook and Google tracking for Analytics and Marketing. As for my recent work experience in general. I have been working as a freelance developer for multiple overseas clients, both for part-time and full-time. Work load management has been a skill I have learned to master thru time. And I am very confident with the quality of work I have been providing to my clients. Since 2016, I have been working for a Digital Marketing Agency in Australia as a Senior web developer. My main responsibility has been handling the technical requirements of the business, particularly web development, server/hosting management, as well as providing technical solutions to their business needs. Prior to being a freelancer, I have worked in-house for a multinational company for over 6 years as a web developer, and later on for the past 3 years having been promoted to a managerial role, with a title of Assistant Operations Manager.

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11731Experienced WordPress and Shopify Developer 11731Experienced WordPress and Shopify Developer
Experienced Wordpress and Shopify Developer
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