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Hi, I'm Abhik. I'm a multidisciplinary designer who loves delving into new realms of creativity. I love going out of the box and communicating through any visual medium. I'm very passionate about my work, and it means a lot to me. I try to deliver my best at everything I do. I have a keen eye for details, which helps me communicate through my designs or films. I'm a keen researcher and like to turn things upside down, and gather knowledge from everywhere and everything I do. I want to gain new experiences and insights about domains that interest me. I like collaborating and seeing things from a different perspectives. My main forte is Visual Communication, through Illustration, Animation, and Cinematics. I also align with experience in design and am good at visual UI projects. I love working with narratives. I am a huge film fanatic and aspire to be a filmmaker one day working at the crossroad of design and cinema.



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