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Magazine - The Hidden Power Of Hello

The Hidden Power of ‘Hello’ 

The Hidden Power of ‘Hello’  How reaching out in the right way can transform your network   Business Is About People  Whatever your product or service is, it aims to add value to others. Otherwise, you’re in the wrong game. Any company ever has become a success due to the diligent delivery of a solution…

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Communicate with impact - Article

7 Steps to Communicate With Impact

7 Steps to Communicate With Impact Learn 7 powerful tips to communicate meaningfully   Spread Your Word How often do you get your message across? Communication is a vital part of any successful endeavour. Whether you communicate with your peers, employers, or clients, ensuring an understanding should be your prime concern.  In this brief article,…

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7 Important Tips For Writers, Article

7 Important Tips for Writers

7 Important Tips for Writers Start to engage your audience with these powerful tips for writers   Telling A Story Let’s say you have something important to say or want to share a story, which people should (in your opinion) hear. How do you go about that? Writers are, above all else, artists. Writing is…

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Seasonal Work for Freelancers

Seasonal Work for Freelancers Find seasonal work to help increase your income this year   Working Season Have you ever thought about seasonal employment? Are you familiar with the term? Well, whether you’ve not had that thought before or you’re already familiar with this type of work, it is great to become aware of the…

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