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Is Freelancing for Me?

Is Freelancing for Me? Things to consider if you are interested in becoming a freelancer.   It is normal that it has crossed your mind to try to work on your own, perhaps in your free time to start and if everything goes well you have even thought of doing it full-time, and for obvious…

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Why You Should Start Freelancing

Why You Should Start Freelancing Why Work as a Freelancer?     Starting out as a Freelancer Starting a new career can be daunting, especially when so many elements are out of your control. The terms of contracts are often non-negotiable, and those that have a little more give, such as salary and working hours…

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Magazine - 10 Frequently asked questions for Freelancers

10 FAQs for Freelancers

10 FAQs for Freelancers Answering your most frequently freelancing asked questions   Quick question for you There’s a lot to learn when becoming a freelancer. Sometimes Google is your best friend and business partner when you need to know your ‘hows’, ‘whats’, ‘whens’, and ‘whys’ – but it’s always good to hear from the experts.…

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Magazine - 5 types of freelancers you'll meet

5 Freelancing Personality Types

5 Freelancing Personality Types Which one describes you? Find your freelancing personality type   Freelancing means freedom The flexibility of becoming your own boss through freelancing is perhaps the most desirable benefit of the industry. With that flexibility comes a freedom to define what kind of worker you are. Whether you’re trying to be a…

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