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Large scale editor

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Working on large scale edit projects. Versioning, asset management and innovative edit practices to automate edit work as much as possible. I work on projects of 500 assets or more, usually. Occasionally, I work on single video assets, where I can showcase my creative work.

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Service Description

Large scale edit project. Think localization, versioning, etc.
My innovative edit practices allow me to somewhat automate the edit journey.
Edit one element, and see it change over 500+ assets, potentially.

My tidyness and foresight, allow me to set edit projects up in the most tidy and neat way possible.
My edit projects are the McDonalds of edit projects ;) .. strict tidyness, fundamental rules.
I also use Javascript to implement this automation.

This work I do basically cuts edit time and feedback implementation in half.
I have used my way of working with clients like Heineken, L'oreal and Pepsi.

This is indeed a niche, and cannot be found in most editors.


Why do you stand out, and why is this niche?

After years of managing large scale edit projects, of 500+ assets.. I learnt the best possible ways to maintain such large scale edit projects.. and managing many many videos in one spot. With the use of javascript, I link each element, in every video.. ALL to ONE control panel. Basically.. This, in conjunction with appropriate edit structuring, allows me to make changes in one spot, and see that change apply to llooottsss of videos. It just can't be beaten. My niche is video versioning, and localization.