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Shopify Store Accessibility Compliance Assessment

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I'm a front end web developer with a desire to help website and business owners become as self sufficient as possible.

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Service Description

I will perform an assessment of your website to find where your site can be improved to meet WCAG standards for accessible websites and provide you with a report. A typical report will include areas of improvement such as
- Color edits (Font color vs background color)
- Aria Labels and Alt text for links and images (To be used by screen readers)
- Missing or inappropriately used heading tags
- Any other areas of concern that stand out.

My report will indicate where the problem is and a suggestion for fixing or improving the area of concern.


What is an accessibility assessment?

Not everyone is able to enjoy your website the way that you envision or dream. - Some may have color blindness. - Some may use specific tools such as a screen reader - Others may use any number of tools to access your website in a unique way. There are a set of guidelines called the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) that web developers use to ensure that a website is as user friendly as possible. An assessment of your site can be used to see how close (or far) you are from these standards and it is just another tool in your arsenal to ensure your website is as useful to as many customers as possible.

Why only an assessment report?

A lot of store owners either know enough code to change things themselves, or have a developer in their back pocket to make these changes for them. My primary goal in offering this service is just to provide the list of changes necessary. I am a web developer and I do offer an extra service of implementing the suggested changes for you if you would like to take advantage of that.

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