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Email, SMS & Landing Page Copywriting

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Direct response copywriter – where your email list becomes a go-to avenue for all of your subscribers. Value, fun, and most importantly – conversions for your brand.

Multiple 5-figure months for my clients strictly through email & SMS – let's go!

Buyer Protection

Your funds are held securely until the service is complete
  • You pay only the listed price without any hidden costs.
  • We keep your money until you are happy with the delivered work.
  • The service will be done or your money will be returned.

Service Description

Direct response email copywriting – entertaining your list, building your brand, and converting to sales.

Here's how it works – 

1. Quick setup call – get to know each other, and how to best work together.
2. I will write 3-4 emails a week for your list – using content you already have so that you don't need to do a thing.
3. You approve the content, we send out to your list, and I will collect KPIs.

Cheers! Now we game plan our celebration for your best month in sales.

Now – this may seem simple. You may ask "Why can't I just do this myself?"

Fair question. You can. Honestly, you SHOULD be doing this yourself.

The problem arises in consistency – consistently curating stories that your list relates to. Consistently using psychological triggers to have your list waiting on your emails (like a blue-collar handyman waiting on his steak at a restaurant – salivating, right?).

And most importantly – writing words that sell.

If you are not generating a MASSIVE amount of your monthly revenue from your email list (~40%) – we are a match made in heaven.

Ask for recent my recent client results, case studies and testimonials – let's do this!