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Copyediting and proofreading

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Experienced writer and editor with three years of professional writing and editing experience. Knowledgeable in AP and academic writing styles. MFA in English and Creative Writing.

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Service Description

I can line-edit your article, blog post, or other written content in accordance with AP or Chicago Style. I am also familiar with academic MLA and APA-style content. Most of my professional experience includes editing:
- Articles
- Blog posts
- Item descriptions
- Key takeaway article blurbs
- Academic essays
I can provide basic grammar, structure, and spelling edits, or can provide these services along with developmental suggestions/edits to improve readability. For certain content, I can also fact-check items to ensure you're providing accurate advice or information to readers. Rates vary for each type of editing/proofreading, with set rates at:

  • Proofreading: £0.12 per 100 words
  • Copyediting: £0.15 per 100 words
  • Copyediting & developmental editing: £0.20 per 100 words
  • Fact-check: £5.00 per assignment


How do I know what style guide I want?

Style guides vary among industries, with Associated Press (AP) style being one of the more common styles used. For academic pieces, APA and MLA styles are both used frequently but are usually chosen by academic institutions. To help you determine which style guide to use, you can look up the most common style guide for your industry or topic.

What are the differences between your proofreading and copyediting services?

While all services help to improve the quality of the written content, here is how my services vary: - Proofreading: I review your content and add comments throughout the piece that suggest changes to improve the quality of the work. I do not make the changes myself. At the end of the content, if needed, I will also add a quick summary that explains some of the suggestions and provides any additional suggested changes as needed. - Copyediting: I will review and change your content, in line with style guides, that improve the written quality of the content. This includes grammatical, structural, and spelling corrections. At the end of the piece, I will add a quick summary of items I've changed along with the justification for those changes. - Developmental editing: This service does not include copyediting services, but focuses on how to improve the quality of the information or advice being given. I accomplish this by performing an SEO analysis to review top-performing content and identifying ways to incorporate some of the aspects of this top-performing content into your own content. For fictional work, this can also help address any plot holes or timeline issues that are apparent in your work. - Fact-checking: This service also does not include copyediting services, but focuses on the accuracy of your advice or information. For each item fact-checked, I will leave a blurb that includes how I fact-checked your information and if the information is correct.

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