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Developmental Edit of Book Fiction or Non-Fiction

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I'm a publishing professional with five years of experience in the business. I've shepherded dozens of books from inception to publications, providing feedback, developmental edits, design ideas, proofs review, and everything in between. I'm dedicated to helping your writing shine so you can bring your ideas into the world.

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Service Description

In a developmental edit, I partner with you in the work of bringing your vision to light. My role here is to represent your audience and ensure that the book meets your reader’s needs. Analyzing the content and structure of the book, I will provide line edits and offer suggestions to push your thinking and improve the manuscript. I will examine your style, the tone/voice, content, references (if applicable), and all other elements of the book in order to help you fulfill your vision! I offer this editing for both fiction and non-fiction works. However, please note that I am not knowledgeable in Math or Scientific texts so this will not be a good fit for those genres. This service includes an optional 30-minute phone or video call before the service begins, a full line edit of your manuscript, a detailed memo summarizing key revision points, and a final 30-minute phone or video call to discuss or ask questions about an of the comments or suggestions I've made.

To give you an idea of cost, I generally charge £40 per 1,000 words.


What if I only have a portion of my manuscript written and the rest is a detailed table of contents?

That's okay! I'm happy to consider the manuscript and accompanying details of future chapters as I develop the text.

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