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Code quality improvements

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  • 7 days
I'm a Master's student with my specialties being C, C++, Linux, and robotics.

I'm just starting out in the freelancing world, excited to explore what problems I can solve, needs to satify, and value to bring as a software engineer.

If there's a service you're looking for that isn't listed on my profile, but you think it's potentially something I could help you with, send me a message so we can explore a new opportunity together. I'm always happy to expand my horizons.

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Service Description

Quality improvements to existing source code including refactoring and bug fixing, helping your software to be more maintainable and secure. You send me your code and I'll improve it to the best of my abilities!

New features/functionality won't be added, unless agreed with the customer and for the purposes of improving quality (for example, adding an error message for the user), but existing features/functionality will be checked to minimise faults and to introduce better code practices where detected.

This is an opportunity for me to get more experience, especially in freelancing, while providing customers with good value and at a great price. I want to work with the customer to provide as much value as I can. If the customer wishes, I can walk them through improvements I have made to help them understand the ideas behind those improvements.

I'm familiar with C, C++, Java, and some Python. I'm willing to work with new technologies provided I'm confident I can still deliver in the time frame with good value.


I think I've only got some small bug fix(es) needed, will it still take 7 days?

Exact delivery time may vary depending on specifics (but always by the max delivery time frame). Smaller fixes may take 3 days, really small fixes may take a single day, but I'll give you a good estimate based on the information I receive and work with you closely and keep you updated. I'm happy to look at bug fixes with a larger estimate than the maximum delivery time frame, but it'll need to be as a different order with a longer time frame set.

How much source code can I send you to improve?

Whatever it is it'll need to be within the maximum delivery time frame. Whether your code is suitable depends a lot on specifics, but generally it'll be small operations - likely a small project or a small set of files from a big project. For bigger operations, contact me via my profile so that we can discuss a potential new type of order. If you're in doubt about whether your code applies, contact me via my profile to discuss details - I'm always happy to explore new opportunities!

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