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Recording a diverse range of African American male voice overs

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Service Description

Hi! I'm DJ — a US nationally-televised, Telly Award-Winning American Male voice talent! Take a listen to my demos or read on to learn more about my services. Once you're ready to order, drop me a message so we can discuss your project. Then I'll put together a quote for you today!


  • Broadcast-quality audio
  • Rapid delivery options
  • Live-Directed Sessions via Source-Connect Standard, Zoom, or*****
  • 2 Rounds of Pickups/Style Revisions included


  • "Easy to partner with personality"
  • "DJ was very responsive to our tight timeline"
  • "He was very attentive to detail, professional, and just overall cool."


  • McDonalds
  • Intel
  • Air Force Civilian Service
  • Rutgers University Foundation
  • SoundID


Lightning fast turnaround, excellent customer service, prompt communication, and deep rich energetic urban African American male voice overs!

Got a question? Shoot me a message so we can chat!


Note: If you plan to use this voiceover on any of the following, you must add commercial rights:

  1. Social media
  2. Websites
  3. Email
  4. Audiobooks

Note: If you plan to use this voiceover on any of the following, you must add broadcast rights:

  1. TV
  2. Radio

Note: I am NOT a disc jockey. There are things I will not record. Please message prior to ordering if you're unsure.


About Me

I have a diverse background that includes over 5 years of digital marketing experience as a YouTube Marketer and consultant. Also four years working in front of and behind the camera for my own YouTube content. I'm also a United States Air Force veteran and former language instructor with over 7 years of experience in public speaking, coaching, and mentoring. I record voice overs from my home studio here in South Korea! Contact me today for your next voice over project!


What constitutes a revision or pickup?

Mispronunciations or missing words are fixed at no charge. Two rounds of feedback concerning pacing or tone is included at no charge. I charge 25% of the original rate for each round afterwards.

What is a Live Directed Session?

It's great! You and your team get to hop on Source-Connect, Skype or Zoom audio call with me and get to listen and offer live direction to me while I record your script. Each 15-minute session should be ordered individually. Please contact me prior to ordering so we can arrange a time/date.

What if I require a copy change of the script?

Small changes incur a modest fee, while significant changes incur a larger fee. RATES: Minor Revisions (5 words or less): $10 Major Revisions (More than 5 words): $15 Re-reads after copy changes: $25 OR 30% of the original order price, whichever is less.

What if I have a video, presentation, or PPT I need a voiceover synced to?

I can sync my voiceover to match your video, presentation, or PPT. Please add the timed-audio sync extra and include your timestamp on your script.

What happens if I don't include commercial or broadcast rights?

Voice artists are not just the talent, they’re also the producer, which gives them the rights of ownership. Should a company use the production without owning the rights they could be sued by the owner for a percentage of the profits gained from the use of the production.

What is Live Direction and why would I need it?

Direct me live via Source-Connect, Skype or Zoom audio. This is a quick, stress-free, cost-effective way to ensure you get the voiceover you're looking for. Priced per 15-minute block. Contact me PRIOR TO ORDERING to schedule.

What can I do to ensure I receive a great delivery?

1. Proofread your script. 2. If your script includes technical jargon, uncommon names, or foreign language (besides Korean), include sound clips of the correct pronunciation. 3. Provide any information or creative direction you think I need 4. Contact me PRIOR to ordering to discuss your project

What do you NOT record?

I do not record profanity, offensive material, or questionable content. Ex: Excessive swearing, political hit pieces, attack scripts. If you are unsure if your script falls under any of these categories, please message me PRIOR to ordering.