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Content Writing (Article, Blog, Post, Advert)

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Freelance Writer, Self-published Author, and a Leadership Coach

 I am a passionate creative, whose focus on written and spoken word brought about a freelancing career. I do content creation, articles writing, storytelling, scriptwriting, playwrighting, and podcasting. 

 Through self-study, smart labour, and multiple opportunities I have gained experience in facilitating leadership, teamwork, and mindfulness workshops. My podcast, blog, and (Un)usual Stories book are all aimed at helping others in finding their unique voice, vocation, and strengths worth playing to. 

  My offer: 

  • Content Creation
  • Articles Writing
  • Text Editing
  • Polish to English Translation
  • English to Polish Translation
  • Interview Facilitation 
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • SEO Optimization
  • SEO-based Content Creation

Every day I dedicate myself to the development of my skills and abilities, which progressively improves my professional craft. 

Buyer Protection

Your funds are held securely until the service is complete
  • You pay only the listed price without any hidden costs.
  • We keep your money until you are happy with the delivered work.
  • The service will be done or your money will be returned.

Service Description

Personalised, high-quality copy delivered on time.

Are you looking for great quality writing on a budget?
Whether you're coming up with an advertisement, need an article, or simply want to deliver a concise message to your target audience, look no more!
My writing will help deliver the copy you've been working on, and more...


  1. Tailored to Your Needs
  2. Excellent Quality
  3. Dependable Delivery
  4. Competitive Pricing
  5. Fully Transparent Process
  6. Simple Communication

Whatever your needs are, I am happy to help.
Once connected, we will go through a simple process of outlining the expected outcomes and discuss the sources, inspirations, and ideas that you would like me to address and use.
The process will involve initial research, outlining, drafting, collecting feedback, editing, re-drafting, and final project delivery.

To make it as easy and time-efficient for yourself as possible, I will work within this framework cycle:
research - write - feedback


  • £20 per hour (research, edition, re-writing)
  • £20 per 500 words

Depending on the project specifications one of the two or both pricing methods will be applicable.
You are in control and will be the one to agree before the project begins.


What if I do not like what has been written?

Thanks to the initial discussion and agreement regarding your goal, this should be unlikely. If the written copy is not meeting your expectations, however, half-priced prolonging of the process can take place. This means, whatever has been done so far is left behind (counted into the price of the project), and the outstanding work (done after the negative feedback) will be half-priced. I will ensure to catch up with you and review the goal, to make the final copy to your liking.

What if my deadline is closer than 7 days away?

If you need the project done ASAP or within the shorter time frame than 7 days, I can certainly provide you with it. There will be an additional cost to its delivery (find 'Speed Delivery' variation) and the expected outcome will have to be extensively specified.

How can I see the progress?

As previously mentioned, I am happy to provide you with updates on the work as we go. Depending on the nature of the assignment, as well as the time frame, we can arrange a call or organise a little feedback window, during which you can look into the work done. Communication with the client is key when delivering high-quality content on-demand, so I will ensure to gain your feedback prior to the project completion.

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