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The Fine-toothed Comb is an editorial service that means business. My name is Dion Winton-Polak, and I don't do things by halves.

You've spent years perfecting your descriptions, crafting your narratives, making your characters pop. As far as you're concerned, it's done now. Ready to go. Finito. Unfortunately, writers do become word-blind - unable to see the difference between what you mean to say and what's actually there on the page. Some people hit publish and hope to weather negative reviews. Not you, though. Why risk it?

Serious writers take another step before publication. They bring in an Editor - like me - to elevate the project. I bring fresh eyes and a new perspective. I see what's actually there, as a whole, and I help to make it shine.

If you've got a short story you want to submit, a collection you're hoping to sell, a novella or full-blown novel that you want to hit the heights with, then I'm your man. Custom jobs are also considered.

My Fine-toothed Comb covers every aspect of editing, from rhythm and structure to spelling and punctuation. I polish prose, develop dialogue, and patch up the holes in your plot - but I will never forget that this is your work, your story, and your final say. If you need honest feedback, expert advice, and a boost to your chance of success, then take that extra step: get professional. Call on The Fine-toothed Comb. I've been editing fiction since 2015, and my clients are very happy. I can provide Testimonials on request, with links to the authors and publishers for verification.

My costs are based on the time taken to complete each job, which is - in turn - dependent on the quality of the manuscript. If the sample is up to scratch, I will provide an initial estimate. Having read the full manuscript, we can discuss any broad-strokes matters that need fixing first, which will save you time and money. It's all about communication. Get in touch for a personal quote today. Let's do this.

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Service Description

Words matter. They can make all the difference when it comes to Leadership and Customer Relations.
In addition to my Fiction Editor role (see my other posting) I am now offering to put my analytical skills to work helping businesses with their Communications.
Internal Communications are vital for getting information across to your staff. Good leaders delegate, but are you being clear in your Needs and Expectations? Have you managed to get across the Purpose, the Timescale, and the Priorities? What about the Tone of your content? Will it encourage and enthuse your staff, or will you leave them disgruntled, frustrated, and upset?
External Communications are vital for reaching your customers. When Marketing your services or product, are you merely getting across the features or attracting customers with the benefits? Is the content for your Mailing Lists engaging your customers or hitting the junk folders? Is your Social Media presence on brand? Does your reputation suffer through poor spelling and grammar?

And what about Customer Complaints? Are you demonstrating understanding and empathy, and are you actually addressing their core concerns? At the end of the process, will they walk away as detractors or will they be your advocates?

It all comes down to communication.

For £35 per hour, I will provide you with a customised editorial and copy writing service taking in the following:
Analyse your drafts or existing communications,
Provide you with editorial comments and/or rewrites,
Proofread your final drafts before you send them out,Draft internal or external communications for you,
Draft responses to customer complaints,or whatever else you need.

Get in touch now to discuss your needs.


What qualifications and/or experience do you have?

I have an A-Level in Business Studies. I have a BA (Hons) degree in English Literature, which heavily involves the analysis of and response to language. I worked at NatWest for nearly 15 years, during which time I was trained and relied upon to handle customer complaints and (unofficially) I assisted several managers when it came to the phrasing of difficult internal communications. I assisted a company called Beer More Local in both their internal and external communications. I wrote copy for the Aberystwyth Green Party in the run up to an election campaign.

What do you mean by proofreading?

Proofreading is the final checking of a document before publishing. Errors in printed materials can be very costly, both in terms of your reputation as a business, and in the expense of recalling and reprinting them once the error has been discovered. You can save both time and money by hiring a proofreader to ensure there are no factual errors, no spelling mistakes, and no errors in punctuation which lead to ambiguity or pricing disasters.

What's the difference between a Feature and a Benefit, and why does it matter?

A Feature is merely descriptive. It's one thing to explain what you do or what you sell, but that does not engage your clustomers. What you fundamentally need to do is get them to understand why it matters - in other words, what the Benefit of using your product or service is for them.

What do you mean by On Brand?

Your Brand is your identity, as far as the public are concerned. Your social media presence is just as important as your website and your in-person presence, but are they consistent? When you are running a business, that Brand is not just a logo - it's a promise. It builds trust like nothing else. Staying On Brand is about ensuring that your business ethos and ideals are translated across every aspect of your comms.

I don't want to review all of my Comms. Can I just hire you for an individual item?

Yes you can. If you just have a single email you want me to go over, a leaflet or an advert you need proofreading - whatever - I'm happy to serve your needs. We can break down the hourly rate if it's less than 1. No worries.

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