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Brand Identity Design

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I create beautiful, engaging and contemporary content - from PDF brochures to presentation slides, icons, logos, header graphics other materials for print or digital. I love developing brand identities, and have particular strengths in conceptualising, creating icons and logos.

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Service Description

If you're looking for a new logo for your website, or perhaps a refresh of your current one, developing a brand identity will be much more beneficial and valuable to your business.

What is a brand identity?A brand identity is a collection of visual elements that serve to represent and differentiate a brand.More than just a logo, it is the collection of all the visual elements that are used to represent your business. It's important that anything visual that customers come into contact with represents your business and your brand. 

What makes up a brand identity?
As a minimum, a brand identity package would generally consist of:

THE LOGOA logo is what instantly identifies your brand. It can be a symbol (a logomark), a logotype (a logo that uses words) or a combination of both, but its primary function is to identify. The logo is the face of your business. It’s a good idea to have a variety of consistent logo elements that can be applied across different settings and sizes, such as within an app or a website favicon (a small logo visible at the top of a website window when visiting a website).

COLOUR PALETTEYour brand colours communicate your brand style throughout all elements and determines how people perceive your brand, so it's important to decide what your values are and make the right choices about colours to communicate those effectively.

TYPOGRAPHY (FONTS)Good font choices help represent your brand values by communicating beyond what is written. Fonts being consistently applied across all areas of your business help to instil trust and familiarity with your brand whenever your customers (or potential customers) interact with your business.

IMAGERY, ICONS AND ILLUSTRATIONSThough it may seem relatively low down in terms of branding importance, how your brand uses imagery serves to communicate your brand personality, and reinforces trust and recognition when it's consistently applied. Having a unique set of icons for your website or for use within your presentations and marketing materials can really give you an extra level of impact and consistency, even more so illustration style. If you think of some very famous brands, they will undoubtedly have fairly stringent guidelines for all these things, which help to build brand recognition and trust.

TEMPLATES AND EXAMPLESIt's a good idea to work with a designer to decide on a few examples of how you want to present things, such as your business cards, presentations  or marketing materials, but you can also get really specific about things - for example, how big do you want your heading text to be? Here's an opportunity to create a set of templates as well, such as presentation slide decks, or MS word documents.

BRAND (OR STYLE) GUIDEYou've made your brand identity, you've got a whizzy logo and a stunning set of fonts and colour. But how to ensure that this is kept consistent across all touchpoints? Well, a set of brand guidelines can make all the difference here. This is a sort of set of instructions that dictate how people should represent your brand. 

This is the basic assets for your brand identity, and once in place should give a strong foundation for consistency and fostering trust and recognition in your brand. There are many more elements that can be included however, and all depends on your needs.


What is the first step after we go ahead?

The first step is to discuss with you what your needs and expectations are with the project, and agree some deliverables and a timeframe for completing the project. The next thing I will try to do is understand the industry you work in and your business, so I will send you a questionnaire which you can either complete on your own or go through with me on a call. Either way it's a good idea to go through the form first in your own time so you can give the questions proper thought. This will provide me with some key information about your business, your customers, the services you provide as well as what you want to achieve with the branding project, so that I can then go off and do some research of my own and come up with some ideas.

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