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I’m a multi-passionate person who’s thriving on multiple experiences. I describe myself as a curious and open-minded teammate with an entrepreneurial mindset. I am adept at meticulously researching any topic given and I work to produce original yet engaging prose for my clients.

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Service Description

I will analyse your project and build a 360° strategy in order to deliver the best advices around SMM, positioning and brand awareness. The aim of this process is to differentiate from your competitors and maximise your chances of conversion rate.


Digital Marketing is defined by the use of numerous digital tactics and channels to connect with customers where they spend much of their time: online.

With my experience in launching a brand 100% based on the community spirit with a communication hyper focused on social medias, I realized that today, what interests people is to see something that looks like them. That's why, in the case of each one of your brand, I can imagine the creation of a "crew", bold and proud of it.

In terms of communication, I would focus the creation of content on 2 things:

Sharing of inspiring posts that respond to the brand universe (concept of stories, reposting of content that creates a unique visual identity).

And secondly, the brand's own content. Videos, photo shoots of different vibes that aspire to join the crew. Beyond seeing the product, what interests people is the mood that inspires the product, the universe around it. Inspiring is the mantra.

Basically, I would imagine 3 main pillars if we had to organize this project:

 1. Brand Universe: Have a vision of what we will share in advance, decide on a visual identity, choose the posts for social medias

 2. Marketing strategies: How to manage the launch of the collections, what strategy to adopt (influence marketing, drop effect of mini collections with determined duration etc.)

 3. Content creation: Manage the shooting, filming and creation of content exclusively for the brand

Platforms of expertise: Instagram, Tik-Tok and LinkedIn.

Of course, the digital marketing strategy is only a small part of the whole project but I think it's important to have a general vision on the communication and the positioning of the brand.

Positioning & Brand Awareness

Now the goal is that the positionnement = the image. Your image is behind your control. However, what you can control is how you want to communicate about your identity. To be able to do so and specifically, try to be as close as your positionnement, you have to pay attention to this 3 easy things:

1. Define a marketing watch. On different sharing platforms, digital monitoring allows you to stay in touch with your community in order to learn more about their expectations and behaviors. Without this, you risk losing contact and ultimately the coherence between your digital marketing and the expectations of your customers.And you do so by following your clients to catch their codes, provide feed-back monitor the activities of opinion leaders.

2. Create a policy of dialogue. You have to choose well to whom you respond. People with bigger audience are the one to pay attention to in priority. It's not always possible to respond to every message or comment on social networks or websites. You need to focus more effectively on influencers, those with the largest audience and reach, as their engagement is the one that will cause the most stir.

3. Define an editorial line. Choose the right tone and voice and stick to it. In the context of social medias, building an editorial line is a key and essential step. It brings global cohesion and clarity to your content. It allows the brand or the company to distinguish itself and to acquire an identity around the subjects, themes and modes of communication that will encourage the loyalty of the Internet users.

Finally, let's make sure that your message have a clear CTA (Call To Action).

To sum-up, if I'm willing to engage in your project, I will put everything I can for us to thrive in this collaboration.

Looking forward to do business with you.