avatar JLukins
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5453Office Automation using VBA 5453Office Automation using VBA
Office Automation using VBA
fixed Rate £25.00
7352Android Application Development 7352Android Application Development
Android Application Development
fixed Rate £2,500.00
7354Legacy Web Application Overhaul 7354Legacy Web Application Overhaul
Legacy Web Application Overhaul
fixed Rate £1,500.00
avatar jackrgm
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7619Code quality improvements 7619Code quality improvements
Code quality improvements
fixed Rate £10.00
avatar Wiktor
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9056Software programming / tutoring 9056Software programming / tutoring
Software programming / tutoring
custom Rate £
9782Web/Software Development 9782Web/Software Development
Web/Software Development
custom Rate £
9811Java Development 9811Java Development
Java Development
custom Rate £
10000Payment Solutions and Software Engineer 10000Payment Solutions and Software Engineer
Payment Solutions and Software Engineer
custom Rate £
10059Java Developer/Support (Day Rate) 10059Java Developer/Support (Day Rate)
Java Developer/Support (Day Rate)
fixed Rate £275.00