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For clients

Finding the right freelancers in a timely manner has been far too hard for far too long. We're here to fix that.

As a Revolancer client, you're able to browse our service Categories with confidence, as our freelancers are quality-vetted and manually approved. Once you've found the right person, our secure payment portal keeps your money safe until you're happy with your delivery.

Project Requests allow you to ask for a customised job, setting a budget and timeframe that suits you. You'll then receive a custom shortlist of interested freelancers, totally free.

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Keep what's yours with 0% commissions

For freelancers

Created by freelancers, for freelancers. No more race to the bottom marketplaces that take a big chunk of your earnings.

As a Revolancer freelancer, you're free to post your Services safe in the knowledge that we'll take 0% of the cut. When you sell with us, you keep everything, and you don't have to compete with sub-par listings trying to undercut your quality work.

Bid on Project Requests, make Custom Offers to clients, and enjoy the freedom of working on a platform that treats you fairly. We understand the importance of quality and transparency.

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Sounds good on paper, but– Any doubts? See our FAQs

1. What's a 'quality-vetted' freelancer?

We ensure that all services listed pass our AI powered pre-screening and receive manual approval before appearing on the site. This means successfully verifying their account, having detailed service descriptions, and showcasing good aptitude for their work.

2. No commission fees... What's the catch?

In short, there isn't one. Revolancer was founded by freelancers who were sick of being subject to commission fees on their own work. That's why we're challenging this industry standard and are committed to empowering freelancers to keep all their earnings.

3. How do you earn without taking a cut?

Our optional subscription service, Revolancer Plus. This allows freelancers to access a more powerful set of tools for an affordable £20/month. This creates the option for freelancers to supercharge their profiles, whilst enabling us to monetise the platform.

4. What can I charge?

Your prices are up to you, they just need to be reasonable. Make sure you're charging enough for your level of skill and the time you're committing to each project, but not so much that clients are overcharged. A simple cover image for social media shouldn't be £1 or £10,000! Find your sweet spot.

5. Can I use Revolancer from anywhere?

Yes! Revolancer is an international platform that encourages clients and freelancers to join from all across the globe. Feel free to send messages in any preferable language, however the marketplace currently supports English only.

Any other questions?

For a more detailed rundown on how Revolancer works, check out our Knowledge Base. You can also get in touch directly, Contact Us.

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Creating a brighter future for flexible work More than just a marketing tagline

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"We're constantly motivated by the feedback we receive from you. From satisfied clients full of praise for the work they've received through the platform, to freelancers that are delighted with the freedom they've found whilst using Revolancer - your experiences help to shape our approach. We believe that there are too many outdated, unfair industry standards that continue to go unchallenged by other platforms, and that's why we're passionate about delivering an option that truly does things differently. We hope to see you Join Us for the journey." - The Revolancer Team

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