We believe that traditional employment is broken.

We want to help you achieve career freedom.

At Revolancer we believe that traditional employment is broken and that working for yourself is the future.

Revolancer is a skill swapping platform for self-employed people to grow their small businesses without spending money. Earn credits by completing projects, and spend credits on services you need. Get the tools for your business: logos, financial advice, branding, marketing and more, to help you succeed in your individual career path.

By bringing together freelancers we support each other’s growth, ensure fairness for freelancers, and takeaway the budget. 🚀

Exchange Services, Build Portfolio, Find Work

We know the independent work journey.

Revolancer’s story starts with our founder Karl, who started freelancing at just 13 years old and sold his first business, a freelancing platform, at the age of 15.

Being a part of the freelance industry for over 10 years led Karl to a rather sad conclusion: its current form is rubbish, and freelancers way too often go undervalued. This thought made him want to rewrite the rules. And so, here we stand here today 🫡.

With an insider’s knowledge, our team aims to revolutionise this industry for the next generations, giving freelancing a new, better meaning.

The Revolancer Founders

Backed by like-mined investors and users globally.

Revolancer is an award-winning platform, uniting independent talents globally. Our user base spans across 100+ diverse countries, a true testament to our international reach.

We are very proud to be backed by investors who believe in our mission including SFC Capital. Moreover, Revolancer earned recognition from none other than Steve Wozniak, Apple’s co-founder, referring to us as a “Cool startup.” To be honest, we find that quite cool 😎.

SFC Capital

Founding Team

Karl Swanepoel

Karl Swanepoel

Founder & CEO


Skye Brady

Skye Brady

Co-Founder & CTO


Ewa Gorka

Ewa Gorka

Co-Founder & CPO


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