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At Revolancer We Are
Creating a brighter future for flexible work.

Revolancer is the next-generation freelancing platform, vetting freelancer’s services as standard, and charging ZERO commission fees to freelancers.

Our Core Values:


We believe in putting quality first. All freelancers on Revolancer are manually quality-approved, preventing a race-to-the-bottom approach.


We believe in protecting both the client and freelancer, ensuring everybody's needs are taken care of.


We believe in streamlining interactions as much as possible, tearing down any barriers between a freelancer and their clients.

Revolancer Group Photo

Leadership Team

Skye Brady they / them CTO & Co-Founder
Karl Swanepoel he / him CEO & Founder
Ewa Gorka she / her Head of Marketing and Creative


£150k Pre-Seed

Revolancer raised a pre-seed funding round lead by SFC Capital.

InvEnterPrize Winner

Revolancer won the 2021 Aberystwyth University startup competition.

Engineers In Business Grant

Revolancer secured an additional grant to fund technical development from EIBF.

Join The Team

We're always looking to get in touch with ambitious professionals who want to help improve the future of flexible work

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